Kesmar Makes It Feel Like It’s Summer With “Delora”

Even though it’s winter where you might be

Photo: PR courtesy

Sydney artist Kesmar join forces with his friend and longtime collaborator Tobias Priddle in new single “Delora,” a sun-kissed treat that brushes over your ears with its feather-like synths while also injecting a dose of funk into your hips. And while “Delora” may not match your current seasonal temperature (like us in LA…kinda), it has that summer swagger that makes you feel above the clouds with its warm hooks:

“The day that we wrote ‘Delora’ nothing really went in our favour, a series of technical issues lead to Tij’s computer completely dying so we had to resort to the laptop I had with me at the time, which was incredibly slow but somehow we persevered and came out with a song that stuck with me for well over a year. It was originally demoed with a straight beat but after maybe four other versions it found its way into a Toto-esque shuffle groove which I was totally down for.  We wanted to change it up from live drums to the infamous LM1 drum machine, made famous by Michael Jackson, Prince etc.. We also took a step back from the heavily used Fender Rhodes and swapped it out for a Yamaha DX7, from then we had a clear version on how the song should sound and feel. Unlike a lot of the other new songs the lyric concept is fairly upfront and direct but I won’t go too deep into that.. I still like to leave it up to your own imagination, hopefully everyone can relate to knowing a ‘Delora’’-type personality in their own lives.”

“Delora” is from Kesmar’s upcoming EP Forever Holiday, which will be out in the coming months.