Michaela Slinger Muses On Hollow Perfect Relationships In “Make You Sad”


Photo: Karolina Turek

Michaela Slinger captures slow-burning heartbreak of being in a perfect relationship without emotional depth in new single “Make You Sad.” Co-written with Kevvy (Carly Rae Jepsen) and Louise Burns (Haley Blais), “Make You Sad” is a meditative piece where Slinger’s crispy vocals tower over the melancholic production. There is a hypnotic despair in her vocals as she depicts the emptiness one can feel being caught in such a situation:

Speaking of the meaning behind the track, Slinger shared “We glorify relationships that appear easy or effortless, when—in reality—relationships with no attempt to try and really understand each other are destined to leave people feeling empty. I’m imagining that the person inside of the song’s relationship dynamic is describing it as ‘effortless’ to outsiders who interpret that as proof of a happy couple, while it’s actually tormenting the person inside.”

Be on the lookout for the video this Friday.