Ohtis Give Us A Lesson On Selfish Antisocial Male In “Schatze” Ft. Stef Chura

We all know a Schatze…

Photo: Andrew Remendok

Ohtis is back with a new single titled “Schatze” ft. Stef Chura, a buoyant hazy piece layered with sharp wit and quirky lyrics where they introduce us to the character of Selfish Antisocial Male. The story is told through the girlfriend lens, which Chura acts the part of, as she starts listing all the eyeroll-inducing behaviors of Schatze. “I’ve always loved Ohtis and Curve of Earth is one of my favorite recent releases to come out,” Chura shared. “Sam is a rare songwriter. He speaks from an honest and dark place with a sincerity that I think is refreshing and deeply relatable. Adam is an old friend who was living down the street from me in Detroit at the time this collaboration came to be tossed around. I think someone on my Instagram kept asking me about doing a song with them… So I made a poll as a joke which led to the inevitable. When they showed me the song and the call and response format I was instantly in love with it.” Check it out:

“I got the idea for the song on an oceanfront balcony up in Cambria when my wife got annoyed by my neurotic vape addiction crampin’ the vibes,” shared Sam Swinson. “Most of the rest was written and recorded last year, late at night in a hotel room in Amsterdam.”

Comprised of Swinson, Adam Pressley and Nate Hahn, Ohtis has been on a 15-year hiatus due to Swinson’s addiction. Following his journey to sobriety, the band released their critically-acclaimed record Curve of Earthin 2019. “Schatze” is the follow up of their album and a glimpse into what the band has in store for us.