Optacure Ruminates On The Different Sides Of Solitude In “Mingaw” Ft. Debb

Dream pop

Artwork: PR courtesy

Queensland-based artist Optacure recruits Debb in new single “Mingaw,” a dreamy pop piece that has the intimate feel of acoustic song covered with the gauzy atmosphere of shoegaze. “Mingaw” is what you would call a global melody – Optacure recorded and produced the melody in Australia whereas Debb recorded her vocal part in Cebut City, Philippines. Porducer Emmanuel Aguila also co-produced the single in Quezon City, Philippines – now that’s what we call an international anthem. “Mingaw” possesses the same flair of bands such as Death Cab For Cutie and Passenger, inviting its listeners into an introspective journey buoyed by hazy string textures. But what makes “Mingaw” stand out is its raw energy. Optacure settles for a subtly minimalistic style that lets the vocals and fingerpicking guitars stand out from the rest of the fizzling background. Thematically, Optacure and Debb present the different sides of solitude: the one side who feels lonely and the other side who is looking after that side. Its vulnerability speaks to what a lot of us have been going through this past year of self-isolating and trying to make sense of a chaotic world. Hit play:

Edmundo Gemelo Jr is the mastermind behind Optacure, which stands for Optical Cure. He was the former member of the rap-rock band Specterull and indie rock band Bears In Peril from 2008 to 2015. He decided to move to Australia back in 2015 to start his solo venture and has been worked with different artists across all genres ever since with his music. “Mingaw” was released back in September 15th of last year.