Rebel ACA, French Monkey Wrench, Danny Sprang & iStand’s “Dance Without Fear” Is Groovy

A super collaboration

Photo: PR courtesy

Longtime cronies and frequent collaborators Rebel ACA and French Monkey Wrench recruit two new talents Danny Sprang and iStand in their latest single “Dance Without Fear.” This superpower combo crafts a soundscape nothing like other – it’s a groovy four-some where the smoky soul elements get infused with underground hip-hop as the four send you waves of blissful pop. “Dance Without Fear” has also tints of vintage 80s disco to it that radiates an infectious hip-shaking swagger. The eccentric synths paired with the playful vocals of Danny Sprand and iStand yield a hooky tune that boxes you into the dancefloor. “Dance Without Fear” is the type of track you’ll expect to hear in an underground party or haute runway. Its rhythmic quirkiness is what gives its immediate hypnotism. So get your dancing shoes on, clear out the living room, and start moving:

London artists Rebel ACA (ACA = Anti-Clockwise Attitude…what a glorious abbreviation) and French Monkey met back 15 years ago when they were managing and producing a reggae band. While they have opposite personalities, they’ve stayed close thanks to those differences that complemented each other. Both Rebel and French are seasoned musicians who have worked with many artists in the past. For instance French has worked with Shawn Lee while Rebel has collaborated with Spragga Benz, Harry Shotta, and many more. The pair decided to recruit iStand, who is a critically-acclaimed MC, and Danny Sprang, who is known for being a bold lyricist. “Dance Without Fear” is out now via Buttercut Records and it is one of the eight singles that will be releasing on a monthly basis.