Benin City’s “Freaking You Out” Is Doomscrolling Disco

Aka your Twitter trend party anthem

Photo: Shanaz Dorsett

As we scroll down our feeds going through various catastrophic news, Benin City want you to blast their latest single “Freaking You Out” as you learn about the infinite ways you’re doomed. It’s ‘Doomscrolling disco,’ which is a particular genre of music that applies to social media and apocalypse. The London trio sends us a wave of electrifying frissons that send us grooving into the funk zone. Yes, the world is ending and life is short, so you might as well dance and enjoy this song:

Speaking on the new single, Joshua Idehen said: “I wrote it as a soundtrack to Doomscrolling – a ‘Doomscrolling disco’, if you will. Staring at Twitter, constantly refreshing the screen for the next bit of bad news to blanket over me. Worldwide it’s felt like an even more relentless wave of bad news – especially since 2016 – and hella hard to look away or tune out. My verse is a wish that I could.”

Tom Leaper further noted: “After leaving it to breathe for a couple of months we knew where we needed to take it. It still has that funky edge to it but with the analogue sounds and dance/pop arrangements that we’re known for right now. James Greenwood’s “Aladdin’s cave” of hardware synths can be heard all over this. We had so much fun vibing to this and it went from outlier to dark horse banger.”

Singer Shanaz Dorsett added: “It’s a perfect collision between the type of sounds that we once boogied to together, and the anxious sentiments that we all share at the moment. We have ranted in the group chat and comforted each other via Zoom a lot over the last year, and this song is like our collective ‘Oh my god! It’s all just a little too much!’ (as the lyrics go.)”