Jesse Markin’s “Smokestack” Is A Nostalgic Ode To Festival Vibes

Progressive rock x rap

Photo: Totte Rautiainen

Finnish artist Jesse Markin pay homage to a very specific kind of vibe – the carefree, euphoric one we used to feel at something called music festivals – in his latest single “Smokestack.” A glorious blend of rock’n’roll elements with hip-hop ones, “Smokestack” is an eccentric banger that highlights Markin’s flexible prowess in crafting a rich, refreshing sound. It’s saturated with nostalgia as Markin takes us back to those good old days of hitting music festivals:

Talking of the track, Markin shared: “As long as I can remember I’ve been a huge fan of 60’s music scene. And for a long time I’ve been vibing to old Woodstock tapes of Hendrix, Santana, Grateful Dead and much more. These performances were the inspiration behind this track. I simply wanted to capture the feeling of those days while bringing something new to the mix with 808’s and rap.

And now especially during quarantine times I find myself missing festivals and days when we could gather in huge numbers just to celebrate. Right now, all of that feels like a distant memory and I tell myself it’s just a phase and all phases are needed.  With that in mind I wanted a song that has this throwback feel but still reminds us of all the good still ahead of us.”

Markin is currently working on his second full length with producer Totte Rautiainen, which will be arriving in spring-ish of this year.