Jessie Villa’s “Thriller” Is Sinister Pop For The Worst/Best Affairs


Photo: PR courtesy

Jessie Villa admits that the best love stories come from the worst affairs in her new single “Thriller.” Built on a sinister and lush production, “Thriller” channels that guilty pleasure of being with the wrong partner but living a cinematic experience where emotions run in extreme levels. It’s ominous, but has a sweet catchiness to it that mesmerizes its listeners:

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, Jessie shared: “There’s a reason we make art about our most tumultuous, addicting relationships. They’re the ones we can’t resist because they keep us on the edge of our seats. Completely intoxicated by the ups and downs, sometimes being in love can feel more like a thrill than anything else. This song embodies that craze and is a cautionary tale for any naive listener, with an overall sentiment that it’s still well – worth.”