Lost Horizons Take Us On A Multi-Dimensional Trip In “Marie” Ft. Marissa Nadler

Hallucination 2.0

Still from Lost Horizons feat. Marissa Nadler – Marie (Official Video)

Lost Horizons – aka Cocteau Twins’ Simon Raymonde & Richie Thomas of Dif Juz – return with new single and video titled “Marie” ft. Marissa Nadler. The video, directed by Penelope Isles’ Jack Wolter, is a multi-dimensional journey that captures the various layers of thoughts and images that flow in our stream of consciousness. Check it out:

Of the track, Lost Horizons said: “I don’t think there was ever a second I wasn’t going to find a song for Marissa to sing on the new lp. SO much cool stuff came out of our last collaborations on Ojalá, indeed I think we ended up recording four songs from the original idea of doing one! Marissa is a really great & generous collaborator as she really throws herself in deep, and commits to it fully. That is a rare and beautiful gift and Richie and I appreciate it enormously. It was a beast of a track to mix I’ll be honest, and that had nothing to do with Marissa’s vocals, in fact they were a breeze to mix. But the initial music that Richie and I improvised in our basement studio in Brighton was a bit messy and we didn’t use a click or anything to keep tempo so fixing anything later was a lost cause, but it is such a cool piece that i loved creating (i think i put 4 maybe 5 bass parts on with my old trusty Fender VI string bass guitar!) that even when it’s kinda falling apart during that instrumental section near the end, i still love it. It probably sounds like it took half an hour to mix but the truth is it took weeks of starting it, scrapping it, starting over, scrapping it, etc. And yes, i fully intend to ask Marissa to contribute to our next one too.”

Marissa Nadler added: “It was a dream to collaborate with Simon and Ritchie for Lost Horizons again. Marie is an aquatic reverie about this title character entering different dimensions. Maybe we’re all feeling a little submerged, watching the time. This stream of consciousness song came from listening to the track that Simon sent, and birthed this hypnagogic hallucination of a story.”

“Marie” is from Lost Horizons’ upcoming record In Quiet Moments Part 2, which will be out on February 26th.