pecq Nestle Us Into An Identity Limbo In “Stranger”


Photo: PR courtesy

UK duo pecq – aka Nikò O’Brien (drums/electronics) and Hannah “Jakes” Jacobs (synth/vocals) – taps into the identity limbo we face at times in their latest single “Stranger.” It’s a glimmering melody graced with dark intricate tones where the duo uses the kaleidoscopic elements of psychedelia and add pop trimmings to its rhythmic canvass. The lyrics speaks to a form of inner crisis you face when you can no longer recognize the person you’ve become:

About the track, Jakes commented: “‘Stranger’ is about losing myself somewhere between past and present. Events, traumas or lies send us far away from a past self, but when you finally arrive somewhere new you can’t recognise yourself there either. The song for me is being stuck in a ghostly limbo disco haunted by memories of an unreachable past.”

“Stranger” is the title track of their upcoming EP, which will be out this summer.