Danny George Reminisces Youthful Naivete In “We’re Young”

Made in Uber

Photo: PR courtesy

Danny George pulls our nostalgia strings in new single “We’re Young,” a laidback synthpop piece peppered with 80s sparks where he captures the nocturnal bliss we all experienced making questionable decisions with our friends back in our youthful days. Danny wrote the song after a DJ set one night when he was riding an Uber and reflecting back on the years he spent living in the suburbs as a teen. Check it out:

Looking back on it, Danny recalled: “I grew up in a small suburban town that’s main attractions were just a few night clubs and a cinema complex. As a teenager, I spent most of my time driving around on road trips, picking up friends from nights out, crashing house parties and anything fun that would keep us distracted from a typically sterile situation.”

Be on the lookout for an official video for “We’re Young” soon.