Marie-Clo Celebrates Femme Power In “At Ease”


Photo: Alex Brault

Canadian artist Marie-Clo sends an empowering message of freedom and risk-taking in her new single “At Ease.” The song particularly goes out to women as the video features Marie-Clo with a diverse group of women who enjoy their own sexuality, self-expression, and identity while defying the male gaze. “At Ease” is a quirky pop piece that is dance-inducing and mood-boosting as it radiates a sense of carefree comfort:

“‘At Ease’ speaks of absolute freedom and emancipation, written specifically to empower womxn to fully let go and take risks. With its retro musical feel, let’s be inspired to have fun, be confident, dance, and most importantly not bite our tongues,” commented Marie-Clo.

“At Ease” is the last piece of her trilogy Shell(e) Pt III, which will be out on February 12th. The gal will also be releasing her full-length album Shell(e), which will be out in March.