queen mars Pays Tribute To The Power Of Female Self-Love In “BOYS LIKE YOU”

For everyone who’s been acing the quarantine

Photo: Hawkeye Filmed It LLC

Chicago artist queen mars, aka Brianna Brock, is celebrating all women who have powered through the quarantine by practicing the art of self-love with her new single “BOYS LIKE YOU.” Infused with neo-soul elements, the track is a soaring pop piece where queen mars crispy vocals take the frontstage like a boss.”‘BOYS LIKE YOU’ is an anthem for all women who #selflove and #selfcared their way through quarantine and want to reemerge as the bad bitches they are,” stated queen mars. The song comes with a surreal video directed by Hawkeye Filmed It LLC, hit play:

The track is from queen mars’ upcoming debut EP trust issues, which will be out on April 9th.