Conor Albert & Alice Auer Move On In The Most Posh Fashion With “Forget”

Sophisticated jazz meets mellow pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Conor Albert and Alice Auer teach us the art of moving on in a very composed and sophisticated fashion with their new single “Forget.” Built on a canvass of pop, “Forget” is smudged with the serene colors of jazz that yields a mellow ambience filled with reflection, self-love, and peace. The duo takes you on a deleting party of anything unpleasant/useless from the past that you no longer need. As we approach the last days of this month, it’s time to put on “Forget” and start decluttering everything you don’t need out of your life:

Speaking on the track’s lyrics, Alice Auer said: “‘Forget’ is the first song Conor and I wrote together and it’s probably my favourite song from the EP. I remember when we started writing it back in 2019, I wanted to write a song about moving forward and leaving the past behind and not letting it hold me back, so that’s what I decided to base the lyrics on. I love the laid-back feel of the song and how that reflects the lyrical message.”

Conor went on to add: “‘Forget’ was the first thing Alice and I ever did together when we first met a year ago. It was one of those sessions where we spent most of it getting to know each other and hanging out and not much time making music, but sometimes those are the best because we had a great energy going into the writing of the tune. It’s one of my favourites off the EP and I’m excited for everyone to hear it!”

The track is from the duo’s upcoming EP, which will be out early this year via Young Poet Records.