Faerie ‘2am’ Is A Feverish Dance Record

A retro-futuristic waltz

Photo: PR corutesy

NY native Faeire beckons us into a feverish dance of glamorous melancholia in her latest record 2am. As its title implies, 2am is the type of record you hear late at night during the most vulnerable hours when half of your consciousness is dreaming away and your body starts grooving with the nocturnal existential flow. The opener “Fever Dream” has the retro glow of 80s pop glossed with sparks of disco. “White Noise” is an ethereal anthem with tints of underground house where Faerie’s smoky vocals add a layer of hypnotism to it. The last two pieces are remixes that gives a refreshing makeover to “Fever Dream.” The Drew Grit version is a poppier one whereas discofox version has a more slo-mo cinematic touch to it. Enjoy:

2am was born out of self-doubt-filled nights and desperation to find myself during this chaotic time. I kept changing just to please others and the anxiety finally caught up. I needed this EP to feel like my ‘I feel infinite’ cinematic moment. I turned to Canadian producer and singer/songwriter, Jonathan Atkins to help bring my vision to life. I wanted to embrace that retro-inspired dance/indie pop feeling as much as possible while still staying true to myself. After hundreds of emails and months of exchanging digital files, we finally found that feeling of liberation with ‘White Noise.’ My long-distance collaborations didn’t stop there and UK producer, Drew Grit, was able to reimagine ‘Fever Dream’ to create an entirely new story.”

Christine Lam is the mastermind behind Faerie who has been working on that project since 2016. Lam is a classically trained vocalist and has worked with numerous producers and songwriters such as Jreams (Jhené Aiko), evän, and Guiville. Be on the lookout for more drops and live streams from Faerie this year.