London Thor’s “Place Like This” Is The Asocial Anthem Our Inner Cady Heron Needs

Coz we all carry a homeschooled jungle freak in our soul

Photo: PR courtesy

LA-based Korean-American artist London Thor has finally dropped a song for all the asocial humans out there titled “Place Like This.” If you’ve ever felt personally victimized by unwanted social situations, then this song is for you. London, who was homeschooled like Cady Heron*, captures that weird feeling of being alienated, and sometimes lonelier, when surrounded by a large crowd through candid lyrics. With her featherlike vocals, London brushes over the breezy production as it channels the buoyant sensation of melancholia, confusion, and foreignness one goes through when dealing with crowd madness:

“‘Place Like This’ was written as an anthem for the asocial. As a teenager and kid, I was never able to feel comfortable in social situations. Having grown up mostly surrounded by adults at my parent’s work I wasn’t able to understand the nuances of social settings such as parties. Having been homeschooled through high school I found myself even more lost after I graduated. I was not familiar with drugs or alcohol and therefore was naive to the goings-on at most parties. However, I was involved in the music and film industry and therefore was exposed to many A-list Hollywood parties where I found myself drowning in a sea of beautiful interesting people and had to learn to adapt and fit in. The crowd noises that are added throughout the song were a personal choice to really relive certain parties where I found myself feeling completely alone and out of place. ‘Place Like This’ was written as a cautionary tale of how trying to fit in in an unnatural and uncomfortable situation just to seem interesting actually suffocates what is truly interesting about you. I remember finding myself in situations where I was completely uncomfortable but thinking ‘this is better than being alone, right?’ staying far past my comfort zone simply because I thought that’s what normal was and it was strange of me to want to leave.”

*If you don’t know what Mean Girls is coz you belong to iGen, then gurrrrrl! You gotta watch that movie – it’ll make you wiser and more cultured. If you’re Millennial and still don’t get the references, you need a life do-over.