The Drives Nail Our Current 2021 Emotional State In “The Comedown”

Broovy anthem for your crushed soul

Photo: The Drives. Left – right: Geo Botelho, Andrew Levin, & Casey Chen

LA-based trio The Drives return with a new breezy groove titled “The Comedown,” a warm piece dipped with the coastal colors of SoCal that is ready to serve as therapeutic melody we need. It’s the offspring of slacker rock and alternative pop filled with rich buoyant riffs that keep your mind in the clouds. The lyrics address the weird state of being stuck in an unwanted situation but at the same time holding onto the hope of starting anew. Check it out:

Speaking of the track, Levin shared: “I wrote this song in the aftermath of an intense breakup when I was pretty overwhelmed and stuck. Nothing I could do could really get me out of the heaviness that surrounded me. I basically tried to capture what I was going through directly post break up. At times, it felt good, like it was the beginning of something. Then sometimes I felt a sense of uneasiness. Then other times I felt pure frustration. It’s weird now because even though I wrote this song a while ago about my breakup, it feels like the perfect time to release it. In a lot of ways I’m feeling similar emotions about the start of this year in terms of the state of the world and my own state of mind. Some days feel like a positive step forward while others feel another disheartening step back into 2020.”

Be on the lookout for more bangers from the trio this year.