The Flight One’s “Dirty Laundry” Is The Breakup Song You Should Wash Your Ears With


Photo: Artist courtesy

Hailing from Pittsford, NY, The Flight One is a mysterious artist who launched this solo project back in April 2020. He doesn’t have a social media so a) he’s on FBI’s Most Wanted list, b) has a flip phone, or c) has social media, but forgot his password. Conspiracies aside, he just released a new track titled “Dirty Laundry” and it’s a breakup song weaved with jazzy chords that yield bouncy hooks. It’s simple yet adhesive as it hits your ears with the bittersweet emotions you experience when contemplating a breakup. Hit play:

“‘Dirty Laundry’ was written in early April 2020, on the acoustic guitar. I stumbled upon this weird, jazzy-ish chord progression which ended up being the impetus for the song. Lyrically, it was inspired by a person I had a falling out with back in February. One night (prior to the falling out) I was at her apartment and for some reason two images stuck with me: 1) her really full laundry basket, and 2) a pair of jeans on the bathroom floor with a bunch of coins that had spilled out of her pocket. I suppose they both symbolized neglect in some ways. One of the first lines is ‘Guess I was your dirty laundry, pile of change.’ It kind of sets the tone for the song lyrically because the imagery of being her ‘dirty laundry’ recurs.”

If c) is the answer, then our potential password guesses are: