Why-Axis’ “Raincoat” Is A Smoovy Farewell Track

Say bye to your past

Photo: PR courtesy

Ireland-based artist Why-Axis is the type of artist who doesn’t see boundaries when it comes to genres – he smudges pop, hip-hop, alternative, and whatever you can think of into a sonic abstract painting. And that’s what makes him an artist worth watching – his latest single “Raincoat” is a genre-less piece where Why-Axis uses syncopated riffs, rhythmic twists, and punchy lines to craft a smooth yet hooky melody. It feels like you’re listening to badass rap and emo pop song at the same time:

Why-Axis has been producing music since the age of 14 and now has four EPs under his belt. I’m really not trying to be better than other artists; I just want to start something new that can’t lack in quality or creative-ness,” he shared. Keep him under your radar for more music this year.