Horace Bray’s “Let Go” Is A Cinematic Taste Of His Upcoming Record


Photo: Ana Azarov

LA-based artist Horace Bray give us a skin-tingling rush of frissons with his latest cinematic single “Let Go.” Built on chest-swelling ambience and airy synths, “Let Go” captures the emotional grandeur one experiences during the first stages of romance. In his own words, it is “a song about the first stages of a fling. It is about the release into the first layer of trusting yourself and the other person as you get to know each other.” The track is reminiscent of U2 with its skyrocketing rhythmic construct that makes it an ever-expanding soundscape:

The track is from his upcoming EP Fame, Fortune, and Perfume, in which Bray shared: “For this project I really wanted to balance the intellectual side of music making with the side that is just meant to make you dance. I strive to make music to relax to and music to mourn to— my favorite parts of life are about balance and I want my music to reflect that theme. This EP represents a blending of all of my influences, both musical and emotional. I feel like it represents my human nature in a very honest way.”

Fame, Fortune, and Perfume will be out on February 26th.