Madam West Admit Our Obsession With Time Is Weird In “February Goat”

It’s also an ode to calendar goat model

Photo: PR courtesy

NYC band Madam West was making a song during a month of February when a picture of a goat on a calendar was staring into their souls at them. Hence “February Goat” was born – a slick mind-dazzling piece that tingles your existential backbone as the band captures our weird obsession with first-times – think of love, jobs, dance, drink, college, etc. They are fleeting moments which lasts for a lifetime yet when they happen, you always end up feeling like you never savored it to the fullest. “February Goat” is a slow-burning reflection of such experiences that dips you with nostalgia. Check it out:

On the track, the band shared: “Our old practice space had a ‘goats of the world’ calendar hanging in it, and each month featured a different close-up photograph of a goat. We wrote the song in February with that particular month’s goat staring into our souls, and ‘February Goat’ was born. Like the calendar, the song plays on the (often flawed) human tendency to try and capture time. Whether it’s an unhealthy obsession with youth culture, or wanting to keep the early magic of a relationship going, or plastic surgery—it never really works! I’m ready for a post-pandemic era where we’re all just a little bit better at living in the moment.”