The fin.’s “Deepest Ocean” Is For Everyone Suffering Escapist Syndrome


Photo: PR courtesy

Japanese duo The fin. wrote “Deepest Ocean” back in 2018 when they were touring relentlessly and were longing to escape into a utopian place crafted by their imagination. And while the track stemmed from constant mobility, it applies to our current stagnant situation now more than ever. As we live our lives in this new norm with limited space, “Deeped Ocean” speaks to our inner escapist desire to travel somewhere new where there isn’t a pandemic spreading like wildfire. It’s a dreamy, chillwave piece that has the kaleidoscopic touch of psychedelia – check it out:

“I wrote ‘Deepest Ocean’ in 2018 when I kept moving since we were having so many shows all over the world at the moment. It was entertaining, but I was feeling unsettled at the same time. I found that I was searching for an ideal world that exists only in my mind when I wrote it. It’s about escapism.  But it has the strong energy to fight with reality and myself at the moment,” reflected Deepest Ocean’s Yuto Uchino.

Uchino and Kaoru Nakazawa are the masterminds behind The fin. Originally from Kobe, the duo quickly started garnering attention beyond their homeland for their synthpop sound. They eventually moved to London, opening up opportunities to collaborate with other international artists. They’re currently working on a full album, which will be dropping this year.