THE MOOD Dance With Lopsided Romance In “Loverboy”

Synthpop with an 80s oomph

Photo: THE MOOD Instagram @themoodclassic

Munich-based trio THE MOOD tap into the emotional frustration of being in love with someone who doesn’t reciprocate the emotions in their new single “Loverboy.” There is an 80s disco oomph infused in the breakneck soundscape, making “Loverboy” a delicious dance piece with some vintage touch. Through its pounding riffs, the trio unleash the heavy-heartedness and restlessness one feels when they’re caught in a lopsided romance:

Speaking of the track, THE MOOD’s Matthias Meiersthofer shared:

“being in love with someone, who doesn’t want you back is one of the worst feelings to have. Still it is a situation many of us have been in…on one side or the other. The song ‘loverboy’ is about a girl, that just isn’t interest in relationships, but makes men fall in love with her anyway. That really hurts when you have hoped to get a relationship with her. So all you can do is get away from her. You might feel pain and anger but the line ‘girl had a hard time growing up, so she learned to play her part’ is supposed to hint to the fact, that still you don’t always know everything about a person’s history. If you would, some characteristics of many people would become abundantly clear.”

THE MOOD are Ludwig Vogl, Emanuel Anwander and Matthias Meiersthofer who currently live together and attend university in Munich. The trio make all of their music in their 110 square foot dorm room in their spare time.