Naomi G Defies Male Gaze In New Single “Prey”


Photo: PR courtesy

Singapore-based artist Naomi G calls out the toxic culture of male gaze in her new single “Prey.” The song doesn’t only apply to ‘male’ per say, but also to any kind of unwanted attention that makes a person feel objectified. Soaring over the lush production, Naomi G’s croons bloom with an empowering femme flair that is highly hypnotic. It has a nocturnal vibe to it where the gal delivers a rush of chilling restlessness through her smoky high-pitch. Check it out:

As Naomi G puts it, “I wanted to empower young people who are faced with unwanted or unhealthy sexual attention that causes them to psycho-socially feel like ‘Prey’. This song is an anthem of power to those who have been gaslighted, dominated, manipulated, harassed and controlled based on their gender and looks. This song is a movement about saying no quickly and firmly, whilst understanding all the microaggressions that be before getting into any kind of deception.”

“Prey” is form her upcoming debut EP, which will be out this year.