Narrow Head’s New Video “Hard To Swallow” Was Filmed In A Very Creepy Place

Like psychopath-heaven creepy

Photo: Na’Stacia Ellis

Texas rockers Narrow Head takes us to the perfect location to get away with murder in their new video “Hard To Swallow.” It’s a creepy house in isolation that is immune to any phone signal and you could drive yourself crazy in a matter of minutes. With its cannonade of riffs and gritty choruses, “Hard To Swallow” stands as a gloriously ominous piece of rock anthem that feels perfect for any horror film involving isolation, loss of sanity, and sitting in corners – aka our 2021 so far:

Speaking of the video, band’s Jacob Duarte explained: “We shot the video in the middle of nowhere Texas at this insane house that was rundown but still livable, courtesy of the Allison Brothers. Kinda like a house from a horror movie, Texas Chainsaw or House of 1000’s Corpses. The house was surrounded with trees and a couple of acres of land with no cell phone service so you’re totally isolated. Gives you this creepy feeling like someone could be watching. The first time I visited the spot I knew I wanted to do a video there, it came out exactly how I imagined it.“

“Hard To Swallow” is from their critically acclaimed sophomore record 12th House Rock, which is out now via Run For Cover Records.