The Mono LPs Share Spicy Couple’s Therapy Session In New Video “Love Me”

And the source of the problem is The Mono LPs

Photo: The Mono LPs Facebook

Liverpool trio The Mono LPs become the root of a couple’s problem in their new video “Love Me.” The visuals show a couple’s therapy session where each party disagrees with one another regarding The Mono LPs new sound change. Known for their rock’n’roll sound with cello, the band has decided to go on an EDM-ish direction, which has become a highly controversial issue for the couple. “Love Me” is a taste of the band’s new sonic trajectory and it’s a total banger that raises your adrenalins from start to finish. For us, “Love Me” is far more therapeutic:

Speaking of the track, frontman Ste Reid shared: “‘Love Me’ was a really old song of ours that we had in vaults. Back then it was more of an indie track which we didn’t know what to do with. We liked it a lot but it didn’t fit our first album so it stayed there for years. Then when we started making the new album I was noodling on guitar and came up with the riff that sounded like a pure EDM guitar riff. I realised that it would fit into ‘Love Me’ so we married the two parts together.”

The track is from the band’s upcoming record Shuffle/Play.