flyckt’s “Love Is Overrated” Is Your Favorite Emotionally Unavailable Song

Anti-love song

Photo: Mathieu Wothke

Swedish artist flyckt breaks away from the all-you-need-is-love cliché with his latest single “Love Is Overrated,” a ballad dedicated to all the emotionally unavailable creatures out there. The foot-stomping beats and fragmented choruses bounce with an intense determination as flyckt purges all the confusion and haziness that comes with being emotionally dependent on someone. The song comes with a noir video of flyckt hitting the streets of Stockholm with some weird mannequins.

In flyckt’s own words, “We recorded this video running through the streets of Stockholm by night in the rare company of three mannequins. With the video for ‘Love Is Overrated’ we wanted to capture the escapism in the lyrics of the song. Running away from the distraction of overrated love. The constant movement is like a symbol for the runaway feeling. If you never stop and reflect the pain won´t hit you”

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