Take A Break In The Clouds With Maria Helena’s New Video “Planes”


Photo: Matylda Gombrych

Leeds-based, British-Polish duo Maria Helena (aka Maria Helena and Wojtek Beszlej) address the tolling effect of the pandemic on relationships in their new single “Planes.” Built on syncopated layers of adhesive hooks, “Planes” transcends with its buoyant riffs that keeps its listeners afloat with emotional introspection. The song comes with a video where we get to see a man in an airport ready to fly away from the constraints of the new norm:

Speaking of her new track, Maria shared: “Although the lyrics of ‘Planes’ could suggest a parting, the accompanying video actually brings a glimmer of hope. In the last several months, many of us have been missing space, or a breath of freedom away from this claustrophobic reality of 2020. ‘Planes’ is a song about relationships in difficult times, and moments when the differences between people intensify, bringing them to the edge. The video completes this picture with the desire to escape somewhere far away, to drift above the clouds for a while, to distance oneself from all the problems. Through this video, we wanted to show that love often wins. When we come back to Earth from this ‘journey’ of ours, come back to one another, we are ready to forget the things that divide us.”

“Planes” is the title track of their debut album, which was released last December. Check it out: