Take A Sonic Vacay With Goth Babe’s “Canary Islands”

Our favorite herban is back

Photo: PR corutesy

Nomadic artist Goth Babe glides gracefully into our radar with his new single “Canary Islands,” a quirky dance anthem sizzling with frisson-loaded synths. “Canary Islands” definitely feels like a vacation from the chaos of our everyday life where Goth Babe transports you into the majestic sands where you can inhale the salty aroma of the ocean. Yes, the song won’t deliver the actual smell (and if you’re actually smelling something, it’s most likely pollution), but the drizzling beats and bouncy lyrics channel the buoyant wave of euphoria we feel in front of the sea:

Griffin Washburn currently lives with his dog Sadie in a campervan where he drives across the coast to surf, snowboard, and rock climb. When he isn’t songsmithing, he is dedicating his efforts to sustainability including 100% sustainable clothing line, partnerships with JuneShine, Conservation Lands, and Project Zero. He is the nomadic herban we all aspire to be…