Vetta Borne Wants You To Waltz Out Expired Relationships In “Kissing Strangers”

Time to declutter

Photo: PR courtesy

Aussie artist Vetta Borne takes inventory of her emotions by decluttering outgrown romance in her latest single “Kissing Strangers.” Glossed with the shimmering hooks of soul, “Kissing Strangers” is a dance-inducing synthpop where you get to witness heartache and happiness at the same time. And while this may not be the best time to kiss strangers, it’s the optimal time to declutter whatever you don’t need in your life:

“I wrote ‘Kissing Strangers’ about a relationship I knew I had out-grown. I was experiencing the bittersweet feeling of heartbreak and excitement from making the right decisions for myself. I was ready to move on to the next phase of my life, and all I could do was hope that the other person was okay while I gave her space to move on too,” shared Mariebelle.

“Kissing Strangers” is from her upcoming EP Emelia, which will be out later this year.