Communions Address Identity Crisis In Light Of Change In “Bird Of Passage”


Photo: Lasse Dearman

Copenhagen-based sibling act Communions tap into the emotional turmoil when it comes to one’s own identity due to life changes in new single “Bird of Passage.” No matter what stage of life we might be at, this song hits us even more on a personal note as we keep dealing with a pandemic and the ‘new norm’ we’ve been forced to adapt. But even before covid, Communions have been working on the song drawing from their experiences moving to different countries. “‘Bird of Passage’ tries to put words to the themes of change and variability; that one is never the same person from one day to another” said lead singer Martin Rehof. The song comes with a stunning video that captures the uncontrollable changing nature of our surroundings:

Discussing the video, Director Jonas Leibo commented: “‘Bird of Passage’ is about the kind of identity crisis that emerges as a natural consequence of life’s variability; of the fact that one’s self is constantly changing, never the same from one day to the next. The video tries to capture this visually by showing Mads walking through an endless series of opening doors, with no way of turning back. The concept of the video is about moving through different phases of life. In the video, like the song, memory plays a role. The video utilizes a split screen, highlighting the theme of a split identity; Mads and Martin are split up by the screen, but ultimately together in their childhood memories.”

Communions’ Rehof brothers were born in Denmark but moved to Seattle and lived for eleven years before going back to Copenhagen again during their teenage years. This nomadic lifestyle has influenced a lot of what “Bird of Passage” taps into – one’s own identity. “The refrain ‘I make my kingdom everywhere’ is not an empowering line, but rather an ironic one that attempts to gauge the paradox of being everywhere and nowhere at once” shared Martin.

The track is from their upcoming sophomore record Pure Fabrication, which will be out on April 23rd via Tambourhinoceros.