la loye’s “i only hear you in my song” Is The Chillest Song For Impending Doom

Alternative folk

Photo: Nikki van de Poel

Dutch artist la loye takes us on a raw lo-fi soundscape with her latest single “i only hear you in my song.” Melodically, she settles for a minimalistic trajectory where the deliberate guitar strings are smeared with ominous choruses as the gal boxes you into the moment when you realize you’ll be breaking up with someone. It’s kind of like the realization when shit will be hitting the fan soon and you can’t do much about it. Except to play this song and get ready:

In la loye’s own words, “When writing the song I was in the midst of falling out of love. One day I just woke up and realised I didn’t miss the person I thought I was supposed to miss most, and I didn’t feel all that bad about it. I was walking on thin ice for a long time trying to avoid a confrontation, which I knew could only end in us parting ways. So the song isn’t necessarily a break-up song, but is far more descriptive of the ominous period before the big blow-out.”