newfamiliar Address The Fragile Nature Of Familiarity In “How Can I?”

A soothing track for uncertainty

Photo: PR courtesy

Whether you’re going through major or minor changes at the moment, it’s never easy to fully grasp the situation and come into terms with its effects. Alternative band newfamiliar has unveiled their debut track “How Can I?” where they grapple with issues of doubts, nostalgia, and acceptance. With its gauzy percussions and echo-dipped choruses, “How Can I?” offers a soothingly introspective look into the fragility of things that bring us familiarity and how it can shake us to our core:

Originally from Belfast, Ryan Johnston (vocals) met his bandmates Will Booth (guitar) and Danny Hepworth (guitar) through Wakefield’s music scene. The band started songsmithing “How Can I?” at Booths’ home and finished it at lakeside retreat in Scotland. The track is a glimpse into what the band has in store for us this year. “My ambition has always been to make music that stands the test of time, that provides something for generations to come, like the music that has stuck with me“ shared Johnston. It’s a lofty goal, but one that newfamiliar are already showing that they can readily achieve. “Music is more than a vehicle for self-fulfillment,” he concludes, “it’s a part of me. Sometimes I tell myself I’m having a break for a while then I’ll wake up with something in my head. When I was young I’d use it as an escape from things that might be upsetting me. That’s never changed. It’s a way to navigate and understand my own emotions.”