Pixey Capture The Anxieties Of Transitioning From Real To Digital Life In “Electric Dream”

Technology is our frienemy

Photo: Marieke Macklon

Like most of us, Liverpool artist Pixey has been questioning and thinking this past year in lockdown. Her latest single “Electric Dream” offers a glimpse of that period and dives into our complicated relationship with technology. With its chest-swelling beats, “Electric Dream” is an airy production where its synths transcend as Pixey’s silvery croons take the center stage. Pixey channels both the confusion, acceptance, and realization that we experienced as we tried to replace human contact with the digital and the limits it can never surpass. Check it out:

Speaking about new single, Pixey explained: “‘Electric Dream’ was originally written as a piano ballad but after finishing the lyrics I felt the song worked as a dance track. I wrote it to make sense of being locked in with nothing to rely on but technology. The verses are all of my anxieties that come with that – like trying to simulate humanity digitally and what kind of a future that would be – but the choruses are about the imperfections of real life that technology and AI can’t give us.”

“Electric Track” is from her upcoming EP Free To Live In Colour, which will be out on March 24th.