Spunsugar’s “(You Never) Turn Around” Is Gothgaze For Heartbreak

Witness the end of an emotionally unavailable romance

Photo: PR courtesy

Swedish band Spunsugar delivers the grand finale of an emotionally unavailable relationship with their latest single “(You Never) Turn Around.” Bursting with fireworks of blazing synths, it feels like you’re listening millions of shards falling in the most gorgeously cinematic way. The elevated intensity channels the climactic moment when someone who has half-assed the relationship leaves in the most half-assed manner – that is, they won’t even turn around. Enjoy:

In regards to their latest song, the band commented:

“A little less steel, a little more silk: that was the mantra when ‘(You Never) Turn Around’ was recorded. It’s the final song in a trilogy about being in a relationship with a person who’s emotionally unavailable (‘Time Enough at Last’ and ‘Dial Up Tone’ from the debut album are the first and second parts). The lyrics are inspired by a hazy memory of a film. In the film the theory goes that when they say goodbye but turn to look at you one last time, you know it’s love. Make no mistake, this is a true Spunsugar song, so you’re guaranteed a meaty rock song. But this single is pop: dreamier than previous releases and crisper in its construction, with a compelling intro, groovier tempo and the sort of singalong feel that your granny might appreciate. Spunsugar might be accused of having sold our souls, but that don’t bother us. We never had one to begin with.”