Club Beirut’s “Eyes Wide Open” Was Born Out Of Serendipity


Artwork: Band courtesy

Scottish band Club Beirut was working on a different song when they hit writer’s block…or in this case, songwriter’s block. As a result, they ended up composing the banger “Eyes Wide Open,” a mood-boosting melody filled with swirling riffs and edgy rhythmic trimmings that remind you of The 1975. Lyrically, “Eyes Wide Open” exudes the emotional shock that one experiences at the breakdown of a relationship that has consumed you. Whether you want to dance and drink or drink and drink, “Eyes Wide Open” is here for you to party (or cry) all night:

“Writing the song was actually a beautiful accident,” laughed Craig “I was actually writing a completely different song and at the time I couldn’t finish it. I got quite annoyed at myself and angrily thrashed out three totally random chords and instantly I heard the melody of the chorus.”

Club Beirut has supported other acts such as We Are Scientists, Pigeon Detectives, and Lewis Capaldi. Their works have gained international attention from UK to Japan in the past few months. The band will be playing at festivals and touring Scotland in October.