Noah Chenfeld Adds His Own Synth Swagger To Bruce Springsteen’s “Born To Run”

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Photo: Artist courtesy

NYC artist Noah Chenfeld is back with a semi-new single this time – and by ‘semi-new’ we mean a cover song of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born To Run.” Noah actually met Springsteen when he was eight and has attended about 20 of his shows, so there’s no question he’s a fan. Adding his own flair, Noah takes the famous 1975 hit and re-polishes with contemporary elements of synthpop. There is a motoric vibe to Noah’s croons that exudes a steady dose of buoyant melancholia, making “Born To Run” tilt towards a more detached direction than the romantic one. While the original song may have evoked imageries of lovers, Noah’s version triggers our current state of emotional numbness we’ve developed as defense mechanism to survive the lockdown, news, and ongoing pandemic:

When Noah isn’t working on his solo music, he is contributing to other projects including Rebounder, fronted by his brother Dylan, where Noah co-writes and plays live. He has also played for Vlad Holiday, Purr and Obliques, Blonder, and co-written the song “Soft Machine” with Sedona.