Velvet Skyline Reflect On The Pains & Gains Of Growth In ‘What We Have In Common’


Photo: Faith Alesia Alvarez

Alternative rockers Velvet Skyline have unveiled their new LP What We Have In Common, an album that illustrates the band’s own experience growing. From the lows of heartbreak to the highs of self-acceptance, the album is a black canvass lacerated with the bold edginess of punk rock and vibrant colors of youthful spirit. But within the grungy layers, the band’s vulnerability drips through the lyrics that construct personal narratives of love, loss, and hope:

“This album is all about growing into yourself and its really a coming of age story about the band. There are themes of falling in love, as well as falling out of love; themes of becoming an adult and realizing how tough it can be. This is an album for anyone who may be lost now, but knows that sooner or later things are going to make sense, and everything will be okay,” shared the band.

Velvet Skyline was originally formed by lead guitarist Hunter Puentes and vocalist Taylor Seerdan in Victoria, Texas back in 2017. Their lineup soon expanded with bassist Nate Martinez and drummer Chris Ortiz coming into board. The band uses music as a creative outlet to tackle hefty themes as well as current issues.