Amanda Easton Shares Her Own Coming-Of-Age Story In New Album ‘Wallflower’


Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Amanda Easton crafts cinematic pop with a vintage touch to them. From dance-inducing synthpop to trip hop, her music has topped the independent Australian charts and has led to performances across the world. Like many artists, Easton spent most of 2020 reflecting and making music. The result is her new full-length album Wallflower, which is set to release on February 20th. Think of it as a film where Easton shares her own coming-of-age story exploring teen angst, memories, and past relationships.

Wallflower kicks off with “Girl in the Song,” a slick and dark melody that invites its listeners into a suspenseful midtempo where the foot-stomping beats takes you down the memory lane. “Am I the girl in the song that you’re singing?” chants Easton. The following “Circle of Light” exudes a slow-burning intensity that puts you into a broody state. But Easton draws you out of this dark introspective state in the title track “Wallflower,” an empowering lush piece where she assures girls that they can be whoever they want.

“Walk the Skies” is a smoky and sultry piece where Easton captures the presence of someone who makes us feel like we’re on cloud 9, but who isn’t full there. In “At the Door,” Easton illustrates the feeling of looking through the shards of a broken relationship with a heart-aching nostalgia. “And all there is that is left of us is at the door” she sings. This feeling of longing for the past is further carried on the next track “Conversation,” a lo-fi pop piece weaved with glimmering guitar chords where the gal pulls our heartstrings with memories of someone who is no longer with us.

“She’s got the perfect skin / It’s overrated” sings Easton in “Linea Nigra.” The track feels like watching the opening scene of a high school movie where we’re presented to the perfect popular character whose superficial perfection hides an inner void. “Don’t Even Take Off Your Coat” is a soulful track where Easton exudes the love/hate chemistry of running into past lover. With “Shadow on the Boulevard,” she draws us into a dark soundscape where she sings with an ominous flair “You left your shadow on the boulevard.” The next track “Don’t Forget You Love Me” lets Easton’s vocals dominate 80% of the melody as she reminisces an old romance. The sweet spot of the track arrives after a minute when the multi-layered choruses gets introduced, doubling its emotional kick.

“Overcome” feels like the perfect prom track for slow dancing as Easton’s silky vocals channel the rush of being with a loved one. The poptress wraps ups the album with Retro Modern remix version of the opener “Girl in the Song.” The dripping piano keys and laidback tempo add a classical oomph to it while also delivering the same amount of cinematic suspense. Wallflower is a record where Easton looks back into the past and reminds us of the growth, lessons, and memories we’ve gained along the way while also reconnecting with ourselves.

You can pre-order Wallflower here.