Dizmation Pushes Genre Boundaries In His New Album ‘Sea Area Forecast’

Post punk, art rock, art pop, indie, you name it

Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Dizmation is a multi-talented musician and visual artist who has spent 2020 songsmithing from the comfort of his home studio. His upcoming album Sea Area Forecast, which is scheduled to be out on February 10th, is a post-punk album that serves as a playground for Dizmation to toy with various genres while inviting its listeners to indulge. The record takes off with the slow-burning opener “One More Time With Feeling,” where the title’s meaning juxtaposes the laidback, detached air of the tone making it both moody and comical at the same time.

“Still” is a breezy art rock piece that comes with a quirky video where we get to see Dizmation dressed in black and carrying his guitar around a quiet, isolated neighborhood. The visuals capture the boredom, loneliness, and feeling of invisibility we’ve experienced this past year. The following “Oh The Beauty” is a laidback downtempo where the gliding chords and foot-stomping beats inject you with an undeniable sense of nostalgia. “In Arcadia,” we’re suspended in a gauzy soundscape where we get swirled into the hazy sonic vortex. In “Portal,” Dizmation teams up with Aniela and muse on the concept of distance. “No matter how far you go / You are never far” chants Aniela with her crispy, echo-drenched voice. For all of us who have been suffering from wanderlust or escapism, “Portal” nails all the emotions that have been running through us recently.

“Halcyon Then Gone” pours its listeners with piano keys as Dizmation croons channel a sense of longing. “Limelight” is a feel-good, art pop anthem that has an infectious upbeat tone to it. In “Dodgy Connector,” Dizmation takes a classic Britpop trajectory where his vocals – which we’ve been used to being soft and soothing – metamorphoses into scruffy choruses that soar over the blurred and edgy riffs. “Take It Away” is weaved with edgy guitar strings and has a slight Spaghetti West edginess to it. But the most unexpected moment of the album is “Humanizer,” an experimental indietronica piece where Dizmation uses various textures, patterns, and samples without using any lyrics. This is the moment where we see Dizmation step outside of the rock/pop comfort zone and let listeners reinterpret the emotions as they see fit.

Dizmation leaves us with the exit song “Sight For Sore Eyes,” a chill track where he combines blazing chords with gentle piano taps to yield buoyant intimate atmosphere. “Song for the fearless / Moment of stillness / to keep our fire burning” he chants. Sea Area Forecast is an album that leaves you feeling introspective, uplifted, and playful where Dizmation invites us to reflect back or look forward with a pinch of hope.