Learn To Dance With Space Dust Science With Oneo Fakind’s “The Coniologist”

Ambient electronica

Artwork: PR courtesy

Canadian duo Oneo Fakind takes us into a galactic sonic journey with their single and video “The Coniologist.” Released back in December 25th of last year, the track is from their latest record The Start of Something. Throughout the album, the duo keeps pushing the boundaries of ambient electronica by toying with IDM, industrial, and experimental elements to deliver rich novelty. “The Coniologist” is the opener and also the smashiest banger of the album. The first minute is filled with tension where the glimmering synths and low-pitch narrative in the background make you feel like you’re about to watch a climactic scene of a sci-fi film. But afterwards, the chest-swelling beats and samples kick in and yield euphonious fluidity that swirl in breakneck fashion. It is IDM with a psychedelic twist, making you feel like you’re experiencing soundbath. The word coniology, which is the study of atmospheric dust, reminds us of the back-to-basics approach where the smallest elements are the building blocks of a larger whole. With “The Coniologist,” the duo encourages us to reflect on the small bits of life and at the same tiem, see the big picture. Hit play:

Check out The Start of Something below:

Comprised of Matt Legge (electronics, synths, drums) and Brett Cairns (electronics, synths, drums), Oneo Fakind formed back in 2017.  They broke into the scene with their debut record Your Secrets are Safe With Us, which they created through gazillions of emails and performing on subways. The follow up album Friendly Reality Ambush Squad was released back in 2018 where it saw the duo experimenting with more intricate sound and textures. Last year, Oneo Fakind went on a creative binge – they released their third record The Death of Us in the middle of the pandemic and wrapped up 2020 with their fourth record The Start of Something.