Live Laugh Love With Oscar Scheller & Katie Gavin’s “I’m Enough”


Photo: PR courtesy

For all of us who have been rejected emotionally, Oscar Scheller and Katie Gavin (of MUNA) give us a mantric anthem titled “I’m Enough” where they offer plenty of sonic morphine for your broken heart.  And while most of us feel like shit and don’t really feel like listening a to a self-help song, “I’m Enough” is a hip-shaking piece that also encourages you to cry and indulge in a i-love-me moment. And remember, there are plenty of swipes on your phone:

Speaking of the track, Oscar explained: “I was in New York as I’d flown out to see a girl there, but it didn’t work out how I had imagined. I was super bummed and after aimlessly wandering the streets of Manhattan I wrote two songs and one was ‘I’m Enough.’ It was my response to the experience, a sort of conversation with myself to remind myself I am enough, with or without someone. No need for external validation or acceptance. It’s really important to keep reminding yourself of that however ‘Live Laugh Love’ it sounds, it’s the gospel.”

“I’m Enough” is from Oscar Scheller’s upcoming record Boys Cry, which will be out on February 15th so make sure you have plenty of tissues and wine.