Shred Kelly Captures Life At A Breakneck Speed In “Take Me Home”


Still from Shred Kelly “Take Me Home” [Official Lyric Video]

Canadian band Shred Kelly illustrate the various stages of a young family in their new single and video “Take Me Home.” The track is an homage to singer/songwriter’s Time Newton’s father Bud and the song is told through Newton’s father’s perspective. The video takes place in the front porch of a young couple’s home as we witness their evolution through in a fast-forward fashion. It is a warm reflection of how fast time passes while celebrating the small joys we get to experience:

Speaking of the track, the band shared: “‘Take Me Home’ is a look back on the past life of singer/songwriter Tim Newton’s father Bud. The narrator of the song is spoken in the words of Tim’s father singing to his mother reflecting on their time together. It is a declaration of love and a realization that his life is coming to an end, asking her to take him home so that he can leave the world in comfort. In the brand new video, the band beautifully captures the progression of a single man building his life, and Tim paid homage to his dad by wearing his fur boots.”

Shred Kelly is currently on a virtual festival tour, which you can check out below:

Image: Band courtesy