Make Anything Dance-Friendly With 1tbsp’s “In Europe, Kinda Sad”

The new side project of Maxwell Byrne

Photo: James Caswell

Aussie artist Maxwell Byrne, aka Golden Vessel, introduces us to his new side project 1tbsp with his single “In Europe, Kinda Sad.” Taken from his upcoming debut EP, the track is a groovy house piece that makes anywhere you’re dance-friendly. Byrne toys with the classical elements of electronic music while adding his own rhythmic trimmings that yield a sweet rush. Hit play:

“I started this song in mid – 2018 in Amsterdam with my friend Rutger (aka The Nicholas). He had some toy casio keyboards which we made a bunch of synth recordings on. I tried to use those recordings in 2 or 3 other songs but eventually they found their way into this project. I was actually back in Europe in late 2019 and was really inspired by the club scene in berlin and I started making this EP. I’m always going through old ideas and seeing if they can be repurposed.”

The track is out now via sumoclic.