Ed Is Dead Muses On Nature Vs Humanity In “Endlessly”

And nature wins

Photo: Maite Nieto

Experimental artist Ed is Dead reflects on the power dynamics between humanity and nature in his new single “Endlessly.” It’s an upbeat piece powered by deep-cutting basslines and playful vocals where Ed is Dead dissects how small and fragile we can be towards nature in the long run. Yes, we are nature’s bitch and no matter what we do, nature always wins:

In his own words, “In this track, I was thinking about how nature always makes its way. Whatever we humans do, in the end, nature will find its way. I always imagined immense landscapes, and slow camera movements as if a drone were flying over Iceland. Musically, I love the granular synth world, in which things are unquantized but find their place and make the production ‘grooves’ in the end – as something uncomfortable that finds its place.”

Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Eduardo Ostos is the mastermind behind Ed is Dead who has won multiple awards across Europe. “Endlessly” is from Ostos’ upcoming album Global Sickness, which will be out on March 18thvia Idioteque Records.