Learn To Jazzercize With Megan Nash In Her New Video “Quiet”

And it’s parking lot friendly, yay!

Photo: PR courtesy

Canadian artist Megan Nash invites us to sweat and squat in her new jazzercize-inspired video “Quiet.” Wearing chic 80s athleticwear, Nash flexes her muscles as she builds strength, flexibility, balance, and endorphins in a parking lot. Despite the upbeat retro air of the video, “Quiet” is a song that was written “in moments of reflection during years of whirlwind romance, gut wrenching heartbreak, reviving friendships, and life-saving dog love,” according to Nash. Hit play and let’s start jazzercizing:

Lyrically, “Quiet” taps into the feeling of being dumped by your partner in the South ern plains of Saskatchewan, Canada. “What an unforgiving horizon Saskatchewan has. It can really draw out a goodbye,” shared Nash. “‘Quiet’ was born out of heartbreak and I hope it serves as an anthem for the lonely, the one left behind.”

Stay fit and avoid going to Saskatchewan with your soon-to-be ex.