Lydmor Takes On A Surreal Trip Of Lost Memories In “Nevada” Ft. Eivør

Dystopian pop

Still from Lydmor: Nevada (official video) YouTube

Lydmor channels her own 007 by teaming up with Eivør in new single “Nevada.” Imagine if you wake up in an unexpected scenario and reality seems no longer comprehensible anymore. That’s what “Nevada” is about – it’s a dark synthpop piece that tells the story of a woman who wakes up with foggy recollection of what happened and is searching for another woman, who could be a friend, lover, frienemy, etc. The track has that David Lynchian touch to it as the character tries to piece things together. Check it out:

On the inspiration behind “Nevada,” Lydmor commented: ”In a way, I feel that the crises or the event that neither Eivør nor myself on ’Nevada’ dare say what is, is the focus of my entire new album. On Hotel Leopold in the desert of Nevada, a story plays out about a woman looking for another woman. Something happened. A lot of alcohol was consumed. Someone’s ashamed. And then these sentences: ‘Can we sober up?’ and ‘I just wanna know where you are.’ Everything is very foggy and there is great confusion. In my mind’s eye, I see this hazy universe, where people run around and there are swimming pools and lounges. Something happened this particular morning, but no one really remembers what. But there is tension and frustration between these two people. Maybe they’re together?”

“Nevada” is from Lydmor’s upcoming fourth studio album CAPACITY, which will be released in March.