Nari’s “Lower My Expectations” Is The Most Realistic Dating Anthem

The title is our life motto for…everything

Photo: Amanda Casey

Hailing from the Bay Area, Nari continues to leave her mark in the indie scene with her sound. Her latest anti-love song “Lower My Expectations” has a classic touch to it where the slow-burning riffs alongside Nari’s crispy vocals soar with melancholic reflection as she taps into the realization of accepting that reality never expects expectations. Especially when it comes to romance:

Speaking of her track, Nari shared: “I had gone on a couple dates with a guy who I thought was a pretty great guy, and one day he asked me out and was 40 minutes late. Any sane person would’ve left after like 15 minutes but I sat there and waited on him for that time. I felt extremely stupid and every time after that, he let me down.

Since then I’ve been pretty self-aware when I was expecting too much out of someone too early or if I was lowering my standards and expectations just to have someone who will stick around.”