Dräger Teaches Us That Heroes Also Need To Be Slightly Evil In “The Villain You Need”

A little evil never hurt nobody

Video still from DRÄGER – The Villain You Need

Brooklyn-based artist Dräger beckons us into a 70s cinematic fantasy world in his latest video “The Villain you Need.” The track taps into the notion of heroes needing to have their own evil imperfections in order to push boundaries and understand their antagonists. And while it’s a highly complicated and controversial theme, “The Villain You Need” gracefully navigates through the topic with its slick kaleidoscopic riffs and retro colors. The video, directed by Dräger himself, transports us into a Pulp Fiction-esque world where we witness a story of love and heist. Enjoy:

“‘The Villain You Need’ is a fantasy of being saved and how heroes are plagued with stereotypes of self-righteousness and live in barriers of their own restrictions and principles. It’s about how it takes a villain sometimes to be honest and get shit done. It’s a feeling of helplessness and anger and wanting a bad guy to come along and serve it up to the man.”

The track is from Dräger’s upcoming LP, which he’ll be sharing more details soon.