Lagoon Wavey Flexes His High-Pitch Muscles In “Sunflower”

Alternative R&B

Photo: PR courtesy

Barbados artist Lagoon Wavey takes us on a lush, emotional soundscape in his latest single “Sunflower.” It’s a slick and minimalistic melody with effervescent beats that soar seamlessly as Lagoon’s croons showcase the perfect high-pitch that nails all the complicated emotions that come with moving on from a person. In his own words, “‘Sunflower’ goes into the hardships and difficulties of the emotional connection when letting someone go.” Hit play:

Born and raised in Barbados, Lagoon Wavey uses his rich cultural and musical background to craft his own sound. “Sunflower” is out now via the UK label tenwest and a glimpse into what the maestro has in store for us.